Vacant Yellowstone - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Vacant Yellowstone

Before dawn, fog covers the landscape of Yellowstone National Park.

Vacant Yellowstone is a photo essay that shows what I felt when I stepped into the park and spent time exploring in the early morning and evenings. During these hours, when the majority of visitors are not in the park yet, Yellowstone offers a quiet power in stunning visuals. 

For me, Yellowstone was an opportunity to step away from the "busy" days and into America's  first national park and soak in the power of the natural wonder. I found that when the landscape was all that filled my lens I connected with the park far easier. Although there was a record setting amount of visitors last year, the massive park still allows for solitude and time for individual personal connection to the place. I think that this connection is an important part of protecting our wild spaces and encouraging sustainable tourism within these places.