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Cut Short

Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds

“The mortality rate for whites 45 to 54 years old with no more than a high school education increased by 134 deaths per 100,000 people from 1999 to 2014.” New York Times | Gina Kolata | Nov. 2, 2015 Compared to the last 100 years, this death rate is trending the opposite direction.

Our environment contributes to who we are and what we become. This photo essay represents the situations that are leading to a death rate increase in the less formally educated male white Americans. The statistics that inform this project come from Princeton Economist Angus Deaton and Anne Case’s research in 2015. The research found that the major contributors to these early deaths are substance abuse, liver disease and overdoses of heroin and prescribed opioids. These deaths have been described as “deaths of despair”.