About - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Hello, my name is Evan and I work to create visuals that convey the complexities of our human experience and highlight quiet and real moments. 

I was brought to visual storytelling during my time in Cambodia as a Peace Corps volunteer. I found that many of the visuals that I saw of Cambodia only represented a small portion of the lived experience there. I started documenting daily life and making pictures of a Cambodia that many outsiders never see. I was energized by the glimpse into the lives of friends and strangers alike.  

This passion continued when I came back to America. I attended the University of Missouri, Columbia to gain a deeper understanding of photojournalism. 

Photography has pushed me to be present and tuned in to the world around me. I am constantly working to connect with those that I am photographing. The connection takes time and genuine interaction, but I know this creates a stronger image and more accurate representation.

Currently, I am the photo editor at the Daily Herald in Provo, Utah. 

Email: evancobbphotography@gmail.com

Instagram: instagram.com/evancobbphoto