Wrapping up - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Wrapping up


I am flying out in a couple days and I can already feel personal push and pull as I prepare for change. I am not sure how many others feel this way when they travel for a few weeks or more, but now that my life here has become my "usual" it will be process to reacclimatize in America.

I now know where to get a nice espresso drink for $1, I know where my favorite rice and pork shop is and the folks I come into contact with everyday have seen me in all kind of states.

I have developed a rhythm here and I have a soft-spot for what Cambodia pushes me to see and to learn. I have also become accustomed to this experience and have realized that when something becomes the norm, it is always an adjustment to leave.

However, it is nearly that time. I have tomorrow, which will come soon, and then I will be heading to the airport early on Monday. This next day and I half I hope to be able to thank everyone that has helped me throughout this month and offer real gratitude for their constant patience and kindness.

I hope that I can take this experience and create something that others can see and learn from, which does justice to those who spent their time with me and shared their life experiences. Just like when I first worked in Cambodia, it is this sharing that encourages me to realize that I have so much more to learn and to be open to.