Recent Portraits - Spring 2017 - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Recent Portraits - Studio

Sam Maxfield, a Mizzou student, is a friend of mine an also a musician. I have been lucky enough to photograph and film Sam in a few capacities. A recent music video he put out, I filmed the shots that were in the studio with the black background. His energy and passion is something that is so exciting to work with. 

Andrew was in need of some professional portraits and we knocked out a handful of solid images that he could use when searching for a job. I encourage anyone who sits for a professional portrait to dress neatly and in simple attire. The simplicity allows for the image to have a very timeless and classy look.

Zach B. didn't know that he was going to be participating in a lighting setup practice shoot, but he was willing to sit for an extra 5 minutes as I dialed in this one-light setup, which offers a very focused light (snooted) that has a bit of a shadow transfer edge. I shot the snooted light through a few sheets of white paper to bring down the contrast a touch. 

Annaliese N. had her portrait made for the graduating senior show for photojournalism students at Mizzou. The portraits for the show were the usual headshot, but afterwards, we made a few more portraits. I can just feel her personality in this image and am a huge fan of the body language. Often, some of the best photos come after you think you are done. 

I offer studio setups on location and in studio settings with sessions starting at $125.