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Phnom Penh at Night

Cambodia, Documentary, Travel, Phnom Penh

The reds from the break lights, oranges from the street lamps and greens from low wattage fluorescents illuminate Phnom Penh at night. I've been heading out into the evenings and walking the streets and looking for images that begin to show Cambodia beyond the daylight, when the majority of travelers are out. At night, Phnom Penh surges with people as they go to meet friends, have dinner and enjoy the slightly more relaxing temperatures after the midday rains have ceased.  

Cambodia, Documentary, Travel, Phnom Penh
Cambodia, Documentary, Travel, Phnom Penh

The first image in this blog shows the scene in front of the Royal Palace. The image adds layers of information through the balloon seller and the slower shutter speed conveys a bit more of the energy of this location. This image aims to take the viewer beyond just the Royal Palace and convey what is taking place around it. The second image shows a fortune teller's stand on the riverfront walkway. The single light, the smoking incense and a deck of cards are all she has to entice those who wish to gain insight into their future. This was something I had never seen before and I told that to the woman running it. She told me to sit down and listen, but that I have to be careful after I listened to her. The above & right image shows a seafood restaurants method for keeping their food fresh.

Cambodia, Documentary, Travel, Phnom Penh

And there are sometimes when photographers are just in the right place and the right time.

The juxtaposition of the cows against the new Mercedes dealership was almost too much, but I think it speaks to the complexities of this country. 

Cambodia, Documentary, Travel, Phnom Penh

Venturing out at night can also bring a quiet to the rather hectic city of Phnom Penh. The traffic on the side streets is far less and the corner shops that sell food are full of friends sitting and talking together as they share a meal. It is this activity and the energy that comes out at night that I am drawn to as a person and a photographer. 

Cambodia, Documentary, Travel, Phnom Penh, Prey Tha Koun Village, Boeung Tompun

When I bring my camera with, I know I am going to photograph something. Even when I am minutes away from my guesthouse, I find myself working the angles from the back of a tuk tuk as I try to add motion blur with the beautiful light reflecting off the wet roads. 

It is interesting, working as a photographer, because there really doesn't have to be an off hour. With the new capabilities of cameras, I can bump my ISO up and bring down the shutter speed to make images when the streets are nearly black. 

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