Orkney Landscapes - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Orkney Landscapes

As the release for the Ness of Brodgar documentary short, I've spent some time going through the still images that I shot during the month in Orkney. The majority of the time I was shooting film, but every now and then I would switch over to still photography. For this set of landscape images, you will notice a vast difference in how each image feels. 

Utilizing time of day, quality of light, and composition each image can begin to tell a different story about Orkney. 

Including visual elements that help understand scale is often important in landscape photography. Without these visual references, many of the grand vistas and views that come with landscape photography are a bit abstract. Adding a visual element which the viewer will have a historical knowledge of allows for the viewer to realize the grandeur that is within the frame. 

I am a fan of negative space and landscape photography is often a good place to put this to use. Negative space allows for other elements to dominate a frame and direct the eye. This can encourage the viewer to read an image in a particular way. The above right photo, of the boat in the Stronsay Harbor, is very right heavy with what seems to be complete gray to the left, but as the viewer reads the image they may notice the faint outline of the sail boat on the left. 

Lastly, it is always important to use light. Light is always your friend in photography, but the texture and shape of landscapes that comes with great light can elevate a picture of a place into a picture that creates a feeling and lets the reader absorb the scene rather then simply view it.