Old work is new work - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Old work is new work

It has been nearly three years since I returned from Cambodia after my two year stay as a Peace Corps volunteer. During that experience, I made over 25,000 images and fell in love with photography and visual storytelling. However, at the time, I had received very little education on photography and photojournalism. But, I was in an extremely visual situation at a unique level, which very few travelers ever achieve. Living and working within a small village in Cambodia offered me opportunities to make images that would be difficult to find and not as authentic.

These past few days I have spent hours culling through my archive of images from Peace Corps and found over a hundred that I was fond of. There are imperfections in the images and they were all shot on a Canon Powershot SX40, which is essentially a point-and-shoot, but a bit more capable. I narrowed down this large batch of images into a photo essay called "From the Kingdom", which is the same title that my personal photo book is. 

Cambodia is often referred to as the "Kingdom of Wonder" for a variety of reasons. For me, it was the place that I found the time to think and mull over my ideas and thoughts. The time in country also taught me to be passionate about things and pursue them. I am so thankful for my pursuit of photography, because it taught me so much about how I see and being present. 

It is interesting how all of these feelings and thoughts come rushing back after spending time with the images and reevaluating their place in my work. I am drawn to what I shot then. It has an authenticity and freshness that I enjoy. There are imperfections in technical aspects, but the images offer information and a feeling, which is the whole point.  

The result of those two years and hours of editing images is the photo essay "From the Kingdom", which is located here. The essay speaks to my experience and strives to showcase a different Cambodia then what many are used to. There is no image of Angkor Wat, which is an amazing place, but well documented, because I wanted to attempt to show something unique and more representative of my overall experience.

If you are interested in purchasing any prints of the images, just send me an email at evancobbphotography@gmail.com.