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Yellowstone with National Geographic Student Expeditions

Maggi, left, and Jake play with one another in the viewing area at Grizzly Encounter.

Maggi, left, and Jake play with one another in the viewing area at Grizzly Encounter.

I've been in Salt Lake City for almost 3 days and it is time to head off to San Francisco for another photo workshop conducted by National Geographic Student Expeditions. This is my second workshop for July and I am excited to continue learning from the National Geographic experts, trip leaders and the students. Before I dive headfirst into this upcoming experience, I've taken the hour at the airport to bring together a sampling of images from my first National Geographic Student Expedition in Bozeman/Yellowstone. 

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The photo workshop in Bozeman and Yellowstone offered fantastic photography opportunities as we explored these wonderful locations. On July 4th, our group was able to attend Grizzly Encounter and the Livingston Roundup Rode. Both of these opportunities were rich with visuals and fantastic experiences. Learning about Jake and Maggi as they played in the water and warmed themselves in the sun was quite an experience. The rodeo was a first for many of our students and they were so engaged with meeting many of the attendees and making photographs of them. I also got wrapped up in all the fun of photographing the rodeo and met some interesting folks (Example - the three guys pictured below).

Dilbert, Livingston Roundup Rodeo.

After the rodeo, we had a late night passing through Gardiner and into America’s first national park, Yellowstone. The winding roads and hints of wildlife let all of us know that we were traveling into wild and special territory.

The following morning was a late start, but the rest of our time in Yellowstone was filled with early mornings and late nights. During these hours, the light added this near ethereal glow to the landscape. It was always difficult to go back to the lodge and not just keep photographing through all hours of the day and night. 

Purple Lupin in the Lamar Valley.

Above: A father and son walk on the boardwalk that runs next to the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. 

Left: A Purple Lupin is illuminated by sunrise in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park. 

Our travels through this wonderful landscape offered us a vast amount of experiences that introduced both the students and myself to new understandings about this national park and everything that comes with these very important 2.2 million acres.

I encourage any person, not just photographers, to step into this park and feel the power of nature and the positive impact it has on our well-being.

This short blog post provides a quick look at this first photo workshop of the summer. I’ve been working on staying updated with my Instagram posts. I also hope to be able to post another blog about my trip to Cuba, but if you haven't see the first one, it is here!

Another quick update - I will be creating a Prints page that will offer high-quality, limited quantity prints that will be available for purchase. I am so excited to see the first round of these prints at my doorstep in early August!

Old Faithful Erupts in Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful Erupts in Yellowstone National Park.