Mountain Lion Hunting - First Time OUt - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Mountain Lion Hunting - First Time Out

The 2:30 a.m. departure from my apartment near Salt Lake City was an early one, but the sky erupted with colors as we made our way out into the mountains in central Utah. This was my first time out mountain lion hunting and I was learning from amazing guides as they did their best to find fresh tracks. 

The whole process of mountain lion hunting that I was able to witness was a bit like finding a needle in a hay stack. The hounds were not put to use during our day of searching, but  watching these beautiful dogs loosen up their legs and put their noses to the ground made me excited for an opportunity to see them track a lion in the future. 

Even though there was no mountain lion to be found that day, I am more interested than ever. The landscape, the people, and the animals involved were all so interesting and offer a glimpse into a unique form of hunting that I was unfamiliar with.