Living Traditions Festival - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Living Traditions Festival

May 21st was the last day of the Living Traditions Festival. I was able to attend a few hours of the festival and make a few images of the scenes that drew my eye. I often focus on details and images that say something beyond the most literal of interpretations. 

For example, the small child placing the flower in the concrete reminded me of the difficult times that come with making drastic moves, which many of the individuals in attendance have done. Also, the image of the many hands at work reminds me of how much stronger a community is when it works together. 

Interpreting photos with this more abstract and deep eye doesn't mean that everyone sees it that way. Photography is a way to communicate ideas, feelings, and information and the viewer matters just as much as the creator of the images. Interpretation is everything. 

In photography, we bring our own personal views and history into each image. I find that I am drawn to images that I have an experiential understanding, but with also information that I don't quite understand. This dynamic pushes me to try to understand more. It is a way of encouraging growth. 

I am also very interested in images that come from moments behind the scenes or down moments. Life is rarely peak action, which is often what newspapers wish to show in their images. I often find myself moving away from the peak action and finding the quieter moments that many of us see, but may not pay attention to.