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Food Photography

homemade pizza margherita with olive oil

Food is one of my favorite things. Yes, it is an essential piece to this whole thing called living, but also, it is just amazing. Those who know me well or have shared a meal with me also know how seriously I take my food. Lucky for me, Salt Lake City also takes its food serious. 

I have been spending some time recently working on developing my food photography. Every now and then I slow down, set the scene, add a strobe or two and make some visual magic with some tasty food. 

My photojournalistic background plays a large role in how I shoot, but I am willing to tweak a bit in photoshop to make these images become irresistible. 

Iced coffee.

My personal style, a bit more drama and extremely clean images, comes forth in my food photography. There is more control allowed in something like this compared to my editorial photography and I fully exert that control without making the food look plastic or unrealistic. 

Thai iced tea

So, if you are looking for images for Instagram or a publication, send me an email or give me a call (763.439.4375) and lets meet over a meal and talk about how we can create beautiful imagery of beautiful food.