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C. Zoe Smith Photojournalism Scholarship

Today, the Mizzou J-school website released a statement on my award for a future photojournalistic project in Cambodia. I am the second winner of this award, the first being Adam Vogler, who conducted his project in American Samoa.

The writeup that is on the Mizzou J-school website is slightly off on the exact focus of the project (which changed slightly because of developments taking place quicker than expected), but the main points are correct. I originally was planning to work within the White Building, but the eviction of this apartment complex is already underway. Since the community has mainly disbanded, the focus of my work, community, would be hard to examine visually. However, journalism is about adapting and reevaluating along the way. 

The updated version of the project:
I will be traveling back to focus my photographic work on the housing crisis in the capital of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This work is to document the communities that are being impacted by development and beautification of the city. I am to work closely with community members in order to show the impact that resettlement has had on their life and other aspects of development impacting Cambodians. 

This work will be the journalistic endeavor for my master's project. The research component to this work is an effort to understand how to photograph across cultures and maintain truthful and accurate representations of individuals that are not within our social identity grouping. For this part of my master's project, I will be interviewing professional photographers and photojournalists that have worked on long-term projects across cultures. 

Special thanks to Professor Emerita C. Zoe Smith and Professor Keith Greenwood. I am excited to begin making pictures for this project!