Ali & Charlie - Engagement Photos - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

Ali & Charlie


What an evening. The day was cloudy with gloomy skies and raindrops beginning to threaten the evening shoot. Charlie and Ali had all their locations and outfits set for our session and we went out into the unknown weather to make their engagement photos. 

Our first stop was in an alley way near their apartment. It was empty of people, but the colors were perfect and paired so nicely with their attire. It didn't take long to get these two relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. The lights hanging over the tables were a bonus! 

As we knocked out the first location, the clouds continued to darken. We decided to nix a bridge shot, which was far more crowded than expected and went to a walking path that was over flowing with green and there was no one to be seen.

Having flown in for this engagement shoot, there is a lot of reacting done on my part. The couple and I will walk the scene that we are going to photograph in and I'll just ask one of them to look back or to pause or to turn to one another. This allows for me to figure out the spot and it creates more candid moments between the couple. Charlie and Ali were so good at this that the authenticity in the images really comes through. 

I am a big believer in having the client's play a large part in what they want their photos to look like. I have them send me screenshots or Pinterest links to find out what they are interested in. This allows for me to plan ahead and pay more attention to the moments that we have together. This also means that I can provide suggestions on what to wear and also what to look for in a photo spot. It can also mean props. Ali and Charlie had some of those, which definitely jazzed up the shoot!

A few rain drops had started to hit us as we walked to the car. We were heading back towards their apartment to wrap up the session. When we pulled up, there was a large loading dock  that had a beautiful gray paint and the light was creating a natural vignette. We stepped out and made a few more images right before the serious rain started. 

Being able to work through the evening provided a wealth of visuals to work with for their engagement session. It has been amazing to look through all of the fantastic photos of genuine interaction between Ali and Charlie. There is something so special being able to capture moments of connection as a couple authentically shows their love to one another. Thanks for sharing your time, Ali & Charlie.

If you are interested in having your engagement photos captured, send me an email and we can find some time to work together to make this happen!