5th Water Hot Springs - Evan Cobb | Photographer & Videographer | Utah

5th Water Hot Springs

Up in Diamond Fork canyon, Fifth Water Hot Springs sit amongst a picturesque Utah landscape. The trees were green from the rains, which persisted throughout our hike and soak in the hot springs. The hike up to the springs is about 2.5 miles and there is a mild incline along the way. Our hike consisted of some slippery spots from the previously mentioned rain. 

The hot springs are extremely popular, but an early start on the hike and the weather kept the trail rather clear for us along the way. 

Right before your reach the springs, you will begin to see the steam in the air (if it is cool out). Also, the smell of sulfur will most likely be making you wonder what that smell is coming from. 

A beautiful way to wake up - a hot cup of coffee and some hot springs. The rushing creek added to the already surreal ambiance that this beautiful location offers. 

This was my first expedition out into Utah's landscape since the move last week and it has made me super excited about the future possibilities for outdoor activities and outdoor photography. I am in the process of reaching out to publications and companies that work in the outdoor industry and would be happy to collaborate with individuals, companies, and publications in the future. Feel free to contact me with questions or ideas!